Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where (and What)

A few suggestions from Saturday's Party Committee Meeting #1 at The Celtic Knot in Evanston:

Whirlyball: http://www.whirlyball.com/chicago/chicago.htm

Dave and Buster's Chicago: http://www.daveandbusters.com/locations/locations.asp?f=1&locationSelect=0007#map

The Celtic Knot: no site yet

Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba: http://www.leye.com/restaurants/rest_more.jsp?id=5&id2=6

Questions raised:

How much to spend per person?
How many family members should be invited, if any?
Do we want a sit-down dinner?


Blogger Danielle said...

Other things that came up:

- "Big Feast" type of dinner (perhaps at Alumni Center?)

March event (both 1st and 2nd years) needs to be in or near Evanston.

June event has more flexibility for location.

Loren will be checking in with Joyce regarding any plans she has for us. (and any possible $$ for us to use)


1:53 PM  
Blogger LisaDrew said...

I still think it would be neat to do something more formal (i'm sure nobody is surprised by that). (Plus Loren can wear his tuxedo) My only thing is this is something different then the norm. I thought the beach party sounded cool too, although with weather there is a need for a plan B. DAnielle posted soemthing about a march event - what is that?

8:53 AM  

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